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    Default I-link 9000plus on PS (private server) NFPS

    This is a C & P from richiemiami

    Thank you richie for all your efforts in getting this setup to work on NFPS. Your hard work in this respect is greatly appreciated.


    Directions for setting up private server on the 9000p.

    1) Load the Aug 9th file to receiver

    2) do a factory reset (first option)

    3) scan 119 & 110

    4 Press menu on remote, system configuration, down to cccamd & newcamd turn on (right arrow) the press back button to save setting

    5)Menu, Network settigns, down to server settings press ok

    6)on Server one right arrow to NewcamD

    7)down arrow to IP use the remote to enter on the remote however you can use the pop up keyboard to do the same. You will however need to use the periods from the keyboard for they are between the - and the / . Afterwards go down to ok on the pop up keyboard and select ok to save

    8)go down to port press ok again pop up keyboard appears type on remote 10010 and then simply use the pop up keyboard to select the ok button to save

    9)go down to username again press ok pop up keyboard again appears on the last three entrees use the del on the keyboard to erase any data that may be there (this includes spaces for they will prevent you from connecting). So hit the del key on the pop up as many times need to get to pos 1 as noted in the right upper part of the pop up screen

    after doing so enter your username
    after doing so hit the ok on the pop up keyboard to save your username

    10)repeat steps for 10 doing the same as you did for 9 only doing it for the password (this can be done for the username and password for NFPS are the same).

    11)down arrow to DESKEY press ok and you will see a template that you are not repeat not to follow

    simply use the pop up keyboard to erase all characters from that template including spaces using the del key on the pop up

    after all spaces and characters are deleted put in the DES KEY for NFPS:

    enter the key without spaces seperating every four characters

    after you entered the DESKEY use the pop up key board to press ok and save the DESKEY

    now you have successfully added a new server identity for a newcamd protocol


    if you fail to do so and simply exit your settings will be lost.

    Lastly exit out of the menu, put channel 200 on the receiver and wait

    If the Unit doesn't come on....

    go into the configuration screen and turn newcamd off and then back on again afterwards hitting the back button on the remote to save the settings

    again exit out of the remote and place on 200 and wait

    if the ps doesn't come on check your settings in the network area comparing them to those that NFPS gave you

    as always enjoy!
    thanks to Crunch for helping me revisit this PS issue that I gave up on



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